Matter and form


Poems travel towards something… they are the endeavors of those who strive with their whole being towards language, wounded by the real world and in search of the real world.
Paul Celan

Poetry brought to the stage has always been the form worked by the Company.
Poetry exposes, it inhabits the stage in the sensitive moment of the meeting of the body of the actor and of the spoken word.

It forces us, director and actors, to the keen attention day after day, to life on stage. Words address the intimacy of encounter in the moment of enunciation. With no safeguard, it explodes discourse, and meets the public freely, through senses and resonance.




Let us forget things and consider only connections.
Georges Braque

All our creations have in common to let different languages be heard on stage, to resonate texts from different cultural horizons, to weave anew the connections between scholarly knowledge and popular knowledge. The scenic space opens up to everyone in constant tension around encountering the other, oneself, the world.