The role of culture today is to provide our contemporaries with the moral and intellectual tools they need to survive, no less.
Amin Maalouf.

We believe that access and sharing of culture constitute the foundation of a civilized society. Thus each of our creation is accompanied by cultural actions, engaging with youths, vulnerable populations such as prison inmates, and also with local populations of the territories where the Company lives or is invited to.


 Our pedagogical approach: To convey feelings rather than understanding G. Bachelard

Our interventions, whatever the themes, are centered on the awareness of the individual possibilities articulated to the collective work.

The group is made of individuals engaged in dynamic relation, it creates space to experience cooperation. The goal is to awaken one’s self-awareness, awareness of the other, and to bring about the possibility of citizenship. Whenever possible, we involve multidisciplinary teaching teams [literature, history, language] to interact with other workshops existing in the structure.

When participants are not trained in the performing arts, we work primarily on presence, speaking, and how to relate to one another.