Lavoir Moderne Parisien – 14 janvier 2018 – What is happening to us ?

An encounter around La langue retournée de la culture by Michel Simonot, initiated by Cie Awa, Clotilde Ramondou (actress and director) and Christine Friedel (journalist at Le théâtre du Blog) and the theater Lavoir Moderne Parisien

From 15h to 17h An exchange by groups about themes treated in Michel Simonot’s book : suscribe at

Public funding, social responsibility, artistic responsibility / Project / Interdependency – Responsibility / Art – Living together – works / Culture

From 17h to 19h Dialogue with Michel Simonot reservations:

Until then, a few words by Bernard Stiegler to inspire us :  The issue of politics, is knowing how to be together, to live together, to support one another through and from our singularities, beyond our conflicts of interest. Politics is the art of ensuring unity of the city in the desire for a common future. But this desire assumes a common aesthetic grounding. A political community is therefore a community of sensibilities. If we are not able to enjoy together things like landscapes, cities, objects, books, language, we are not able to love one another. This is the meaning of « philia » in Aristotle. And to love one another is to love something other than oneself.  “De la misère symbolique “, Bernard Stiegler, Le Monde, 10 October 2003

Then a moment of language  novlangue de bois et résistances

And a moment of laughter with Brenda  Faites étoile !