The street tells its tale

In the frame of the rue aux enfants proposed by the association Home Sweet Mô ]

We well know that fairy tales are the only truth in life
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Summer 2020 : Cie AWA responded to the invitation by Home Sweet Mômes. If, in the heart of the street, we read tales? What would happen? This is how we gave life to the street tells its tale, among the children playing, drawing, running and parents strolling, talking and relaxing. For the company, the aim was to create a space for listening and intergenerational exchanges. Because we know, deep within ourselves that tales are made for children and adults. For children, they plant the seed of life, for the adults they are revived, should their existence have made them be forgetten? So with only three voices and with the simple direction of our confidence, we told those magical stories with tales from all over the world. Ears perked up, the young children found comfort with their parents, the older ones stopped for a moment and fed by the ‘once upon a time’, the kids returned to their endless street games. In short, the summer of 2020, The Children’s Street, had a sweet flow of words running through it, refreshing the soul of each and every one and its singular rhythm whispered to all — ‘Listen to your heart, only it knows the path to happiness’.

Frédérique Liebaut – Cie AWA